too soon?

I cannot get the song “This is Halloween” out of my head!! I am a lover of Halloween and we throw an annual party at the end of October celebrating it. I can’t wait to hang my giant skull on my front door! Come on Thanksgiving….

We have lots of decorations that I’ve saved over the years, but I want to make some myself. I came across a Pinterest Post from CraftyMorning that gave a DIY tutorial on Halloween tape ghosts.

I tried it out & thought I’d share.

Supplies needed:

  • Cling wrap (Saran Wrap)
  • Scissors
  • Packing tape

First thing I’ll add is to START WITH YOUR FINGERS. If you don’t, it’s extremely hard to properly tape them with a stiff arm lol.


Wrap the Cling Wrap around whichever body part you want to tape. I chose my arm/hand.


Then once the cling wrap is secure, start wrapping the entire hand/arm with 2 layers of packing tape. Once you’re done, use your scissors and cut down the middle being careful not to cut your arm.


Wiggle your hand out & then use a final piece of packing tape to shut the cut made from the scissors.


Voila! A see through spooky arm.

I may use a little red paint on mine to make it look bloody…then hang it in my tree out front!


P.S. I need Halloween costume ideas!! Leave me a comment on what you think we should be. Nathan and I did a couples costume 2 years ago & then last year we did separate costumes. We don’t have to be matching, but I do love looking spooky.

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