Oh Baby

“How did you know you were ready for a baby?”

Truth is, I don’t think there’s ever a perfect time to have a baby. When Nate and I were first married we knew we wanted some time alone to just enjoy one another. We knew that children were in our future, but we didn’t want any yet. I was 19 when we got married, Nathan 22, and we were so young & selfish (yep-I said it).

After a year had passed we asked each other again…”ready?” Nope.

We set a goal to have purchased a home and for Nathan to be working as an employee at one of the big Oil Companies here in Fort McMurray (he was a contractor at the time) before settling down and starting to expand our family.

We made an appointment in February 2016 with the bank to look over our financials to make a reasonable savings plan to afford a down payment. The financial advisor told us that there was a slim chance we’d be able to buy a house in the next 2 years. With our competitive natures (yes both of us-scary) we were determined to save all our money and prove her wrong.

We purchased our first home in July 2016. Nathan got hired on by a huge oilfield company in August 2016. The stars were aligned…but we were still on the fence. I longed to be a mother and dreamt of the days I would have my own little squish, but a baby is most definitely a “team” decision, so we got settled into our home first.

Nathan and I both come from religious backgrounds. We rely heavily on prayer on a daily basis. We knew this decision to expand our family was one that we wanted to get right. We prayed and prayed and finally got an answer. YES. It was time. I felt terrified. Excited, but terrified.

We started trying in April 2017 & got pregnant in July 2017. Thankfully it didn’t take long & my pregnancy was pretty smooth until the end.

I do think however, that if you are on the fence of wanting a baby, there will always always always be stuff that comes up. Whether it be travelling, money being too tight, wanting a bigger house, larger vehicle, thinking you’re too young, finishing your education, etc.

All in all, I still think there’s never a perfect time to have a baby. But do I regret my timing with my sweet Drake? Absolutely not. I loved those 3 years I had alone with Nathan and I’ll always cherish them, but life is soooo much more full of love now (who knew that was possible).


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