It wasn’t until I became a mother, did I really value sleep. All of those lazy Saturday mornings where I would go to bed after midnight & sleep in until noon…maybe have a late afternoon nap so I could easily hit a late show at the theatre. Napping was the death of my proper bedtime though. There weren’t any cute “20 minute naps” happening over here. It was either I couldn’t fall asleep, or I overslept by 4 hours waking up in a panic thinking I’m late for work. No Bailey, it’s 11pm.

Now that I have a sweet baby to look after, I really value my minutes of shut eye. Although, Drakie is an AMAZING sleeper. We hired a sleep trainer (sounds crazy) when he was 4 weeks old and she gave us tips about how long he should be sleeping , how important a routine is, feeding times, etc. This information was so valuable to us.

We transitioned him over to his own room & crib at 4 weeks old. To be honest, I felt a little harsh by moving him over so fast, but it was the best decision. He started sleeping better and so did we. Our bedtime routine was then formed. Nurse him, bath time, pyjama’s, then bed. He’s amazing & has adapted beautifully. He is sleeping through the night now and has been for months. We love this boy.

The real problem is ME. Drake goes to sleep at 7pm every night. He has since 4 weeks (he’s over 5 months now) and I go to bed after midnight every night. Why am I like this?? I know that I’ll be up around 7:30am so why deprive myself of some precious zzz’s.

I think part of it is habit. I always stayed up late knowing I could sleep in. Another part of it is wanting some much needed alone time. I love to read, clean, explore Pinterest for new recipes, craft, watch Netflix, or simply lay on the couch. Anything to relax, right?

I’m curious, those of you that are parents, are you going to bed at a reasonable time after your child goes to bed? Or are you like me & somehow always find yourself awake way too late regretting that last episode of Greys Anatomy that you watched? Please tell me I’m not alone lol.

One day I’ll learn and get a solid 12 hours sleep again. That’s what I asked Nathan for my birthday next month, a sleep-in 😉