all eyes on YOU

In our church, I am in the Young Women’s Presidency over the Mia Maid class. For those of you who read that sentence and didn’t understand any of those words (lol) here it is in simple form. I am in a youth leadership calling in our church & my job is to be a leader over the 14 & 15 year old girls. They are SO fun. I have 10 girls who come every Sunday and Tuesday and it’s easy for the more *shy* girls to be quiet in class & let the more vocal ones speak & answer questions. This is totally fine, but I felt like there were so many girls in my class that I didn’t fully know and I wanted to get to know them!

I have this amazing membership to a delicious Italian Restaurant in town. I pay an annual fee, and then anytime I want to go eat at the restaurant, it’s “free” for me and 1 guest. “Free” includes 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, & 2 desserts. I decided to take each of my Mia Maids on a dinner date one on one. I LOVED this. Maybe even more than they did…ha. I got to know them as individuals instead of as a class.

We’re always asking for feedback from the girls to improve our lessons and activities. One of the younger girls wrote “we should do a spotlight form to get to know each other better.” AMAZING. Why did I think that was only a Primary thing? I made up this spotlight form with some normal & some thought-provoking questions. I’ll share it with you guys.

I read out a different spotlight form every Sunday and I can see the anticipation in every girls eyes, hoping I chose their form. It’s so fun!

Here it is:

Young Women_s Spotlight

I really think it’s important to genuinely get to know each other. I would love if all my friends filled out this spotlight form!!

Let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “all eyes on YOU

  1. I had always heard about Blogs but never really concerned reading any of them until yours. You are truly a inspiration an I can’t wait for your next post!


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