Thanksgiving has come and gone already. What a great reminder about all of the small and simple (and the huge) blessings in our lives. I could write a novel about things I am grateful for, but I’ll save that for my journal.

This past year I’ve really tried to change my outlook on life. Not that I was necessarily a negative person, I’ve always considered myself an optimist, but I just wanted to change. In what way, I’m not sure. When I was 17 I got my patriarchal blessing. For those of you know don’t know that that is, read this. In my patriarchal blessing, the first sentence in one of the paragraphs says, “You have a kind & forgiving heart.” I had countlessly read over that line, but it never struck me until one day. I was really needing a boost of positivity and I had taken out this blessing and read it and I finally realized something…I was the one holding myself back from seeing the good in people and in my life.

I made it a goal to be kinder and more willing to give service to others. I found myself receiving thoughts throughout the day of notes that I should write and give out. Thoughts about a certain person in my life who needed a “pick-me-up” so I would bake a treat and bring it over. As I followed these promptings, I realized that I had changed. I was now seeing the world differently.

My mom is an avid reader and she has been on a Brene Brown kick. Brene Brown writes a lot about setting boundaries and improving relationships. In one of her books, she asks you to think about someone that totally annoys you.

**Reading that line, I bet someone came to your mind.**

So, think of that person, and then think about what it is they do that annoys you. Probably something pretty miniscule. Then, as you’re thinking of this person, think about how they are just trying their best. That even if the way they are talking to you is annoying, or the way they do anything bothers you, they are simply trying their best.

Aren’t we all just trying our best?

This hit home. This is what I needed to hear to allow change within myself. When I had first read that line “think of someone who annoys you” I had multiple people come to mind. When I had read the latter sentence, I started to cry.

Change is inevitable. We will all change as we age and get life experience. But why not fast-track that change to become better people? Personally, I have tried to improve my relationships with friends and family members. Really focusing on the relationships that were important to me and ones that I didn’t want to ever lose. Then I changed the way I viewed my acquaintances. Instead of passing by with a slight smile, why not just ask them how they’re doing and be genuine about it?

Thanksgiving is a great reminder for us to think about everything we have and all of the blessings that have come our way. I find people are often kinder & more generous in this season. What about the other days of the year? Do those days mean any less? Why aren’t we celebrating our thankfulness every day? Why isn’t kindness a common goal? It should be.

Make a change within yourself. Light that fire & do some good in the world. We need it.


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