As I was laying on my mat in yoga this morning, I was feeling so grateful for the silence I was enjoying. There was very quiet chatter happening in the room, but I was able to lay there and be still. Having an adorable, attention seeking 6 month old doesn’t allow me to have very many quiet moments of stillness.

The instructor (whom I LOVE) starts guiding the class. We move through different shapes & poses really trying to open our bodies up to change.

I started practicing yoga in 2014 after Nathan encouraged me to try something new. It was a hot yoga class at a studio in Edmonton & I had no idea what to expect. Here I was, standing my on slippery yoga mat, drenched in sweat. Literally sweat was raining off of my body as though my mat was a forest in a drought. If I were back in the time of Noah’s ark, I would have started the flood. It was bad. Did I mention I had forgotten my water bottle at home? My head was aching & I felt light headed, ready to pass out. Then the beautiful words came out of the instructors mouth, like a sweet symphony to my ears…”take this moment to lay on your backs, we are taking our final rest, Savasana.”

I survived…that was the only intention set in that practice. Surviving.

How I ever agreed to do another hot yoga class again, I don’t know. (I must have a convincing husband)

Thankfully I gave it another shot, because I LOVE IT.

Now when I do yoga, I’m always encouraged to set an intention for the practice. This intention could be whatever you feel is appropriate. Sometimes it’s just bringing your awareness to your body. Maybe it’s monitoring your breath. Set an intention for you to improve.

One of the most meaningful messages I’ve heard from my yoga instructor was during a really deep back twist. She told us to really appreciate our bodies. We can feel frustrated with our bodies because we can’t always go deep into a pose, or we can’t twist as much as we want to. But if you think about it, your body does everything you want it to. Your body works long hours for you, it (maybe) grew and birthed a baby for you, it recharges while you sleep, it does so much for you. If you can’t twist or dive into a pose right away, give your body some time to adjust. It needs to heal too.

This message felt a little emotional for me (maybe because I just gave birth 6 months ago?????) but it was something I needed to hear. Our bodies are amazing. I will never change my mind on that.

Whether it’s yoga or some other form of meditation, give yourself moments of stillness. It’s so healthy to have time to reflect, and also time to pause & have no thoughts.

It’s called self care.


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