Every year I try to “out-do” my previous years’ decorations for Halloween. We throw an annual Halloween party, so I don’t want my house to always look the same every year, am I right?

Here are some photos of my decorations this year.

Drake was a huge help obviously.

I LOVE the bats. Those will be making a comeback every year. Funny how the cheapest decoration becomes the fav.

The “ghost legs” are a fun craft I did with my sister Tori. She was a great sport when I asked to Saran wrap her legs lol.

I followed a DIY tutorial for some awesome teeth for my front porch. I bought a sheet of wood from Rona, and then with some help cutting the wood from my Father in Law (using a jigsaw I didn’t know how to operate lol) I then created this masterpiece!! I love it.

My neighbourhood is more developed this year as opposed to previous years, so I’m hoping for more trick-or-treaters. I even changed out my outdoor traditional white bulbs, for an eery red. So excited!!

Do you dress up to hand out candy? I never have, but I’m contemplating throwing on my costume from last year…thoughts? 😂

Hope you can sleep after looking at that.



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