Baby Talk

I find it funny how I was so opinionated before I had a baby.

“My baby will never have a gross runny nose, I’ll always wipe it.”

“I would never lick my fingers after getting baby food on them.”

“I will only change my baby’s diaper on the change table.”

….the list goes on and on.

Safe to say, I’ve swallowed my pride & have done all of the above. As I was licking carrot & apple purée off my fingers today (not that bad actually) because a wipe was out of reach, I laughed to myself. Why did I feel it was necessary to have an opinion on something I knew nothing of?

We shouldn’t be judging mothers for the variety of things they do to entertain their babies….or for anything really.

We as mothers KNOW what is best for our children, yet sometimes we suffer through hard times nonetheless. For example, I knew taking away Drake’s soother at bedtime would be a nightmare, so I prolonged it for 4 months. Finally when we stopped, I think it was harder for me than it was for him. Only because I knew it was a quick fix to stop the crying. Fast forward to now- he cries for 20 seconds after I lay him down in his crib, he probably sucks his thumb lol, and then falls asleep. It’s amazing. It took a bit of suffering to get here though.

I have friends whose babies have never slept good, yet won’t hire a sleep trainer. We all know what will work for our babies & what won’t. So why judge? Why should I step into someone else’s life, to tell them what they already know?

Just don’t do it.

Moving on, Drake has adopted 2 new quirks this week and we are obsessing over them!

Firstly, he started shaking his head side to side, “no.” I have no idea how he started this because I never shake my head? But it’s the cutest ever. I made a video saying, “is dad your favourite?” And Drakie shook his head no, and I laughed and laughed. Thankfully Nathan laughed too. He’s a great sport.

While we were at Save On Foods this week, there was a lady chatting to Drake and he was shaking his head “no” until she said, “you are the cutest, you know it!!” He just smiled and coo’d. My mom heart exploded. Maybe I have the smartest baby? Haha kidding.

Second quirk is he has started “blowing bubbles” aka spitting everywhere. It’s funny because he purses his lips so tight together and then fills his cheeks with air and because his lips are so tightly shut, it sprays saliva E V E R Y W H E R E. This will only be funny for about a day. He did this with a mouth full of purée, hence me licking apple & carrot purée off of my fingers.

He’s a hoot and finally has a little tooth poking through his gums. We didn’t even know he was teething…I just went to brush his gums 3 nights ago and felt something sharp.

He’s such a great baby.

What are some quirks your babies have or had??


3 thoughts on “Baby Talk

  1. Haha I love babies!
    Liam does the spitting thing too, he shrieks all day long, he sniffs with a scrunch face at us, puts his fists up to his face and sputters when he doesn’t want another bite of food that I’m offering, he gets crazy active instead of cuddly when he’s tired and thraahes in your arms or on your lap…. Hm that’s all the quirks I can think of right now!


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