Real Life

What are some things that you would consider “so you?”

Some of mine would include: going out to the movie theatre, laughing, playing games, hanging out with good friends, enjoying quality time with my husband, being a mama, flower obsessed, teeth crazy, baking/cooking, self-care enthusiast, Netflix & chill….the list goes on. But those are the main things that make me, ME.

Since becoming parents 7 months ago, Nathan and I have had to become crafty when it comes to spending time alone together. We’ve often said something along these lines, “it been FOREVER since we did that…” or “I feel like we never get to do that anymore…”

Well I’m here to tell you a secret.


We suck at time management after we put our sweet boy to bed.

He literally goes to sleep at 7pm every night. **If there is 1 constant in my life, it’s that Drake ALWAYS goes to sleep at 7pm.** Some days I’m really bummed our time together is over, but other days 7pm is a saving grace.

So, 7pm rolls around, I put Drake in his crib. 7:01pm somehow he’s already asleep, magic. 7:02pm is usually when we start making dinner because we’re normally pre-occupied with playing and dancing around like buffoons with Drake. Fast forward 30 minutes, we’re now eating dinner at the couch (classy, I know) and this turns into a Netflix slump. We start an episode while eating dinner, which turns into 3 episodes and us wondering why our house is still a mess from cooking & why we feel like we didn’t spend quality time together. We DID spend time together, we just didn’t have a conversation or any interactions. AND, now it’s 11:30pm and I’m angry that I wasted 4.5 precious child free hours.

Needless to say, this has to change.

One thing we’ve done to help with this problem, is we’ve started eating our dinner in the kitchen (unless the Oilers game is on. That is a must-watch). This simple change makes us engage in conversation, laugh, talk about our day, and really connect together.

Another thing I’ve started doing, is cleaning up my kitchen as soon as I’m done eating dinner. This makes me so happy, especially when I come downstairs in the morning, and my island is smooth and clean….oh yaaaaaaaaa.

Long before we became parents, we vowed to always stay fun & to always “date” each other. Managing our time has become crucial for these both to occur. We schedule fun activities WITH Drake around his nap times. We spend too much money on babysitting, just so we can date each other. My little sisters gave me babysitting coupons for my birthday this year (score!!!) which was one of my favourite gifts, EVER.

It’s really important to figure out the small things that make you, you, and to do them.

I love conversation. I love to talk & also to listen. That’s an important thing to me. Conversation with my husband is crucial for our always-blossoming relationship. Watching another episode of our current Netflix show, that can wait.

Take time to find you again, let me know who you find on the journey.


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