We’re finally back from Palm Springs! The weather was mid-20’s and we were wearing shorts and T-shirt’s the whole week. Nathan got some great golfing in, but poor Drake was sick the entire time.

On our way to California we stopped overnight in Vancouver, mainly to break up the trip into smaller segments for Drake. Our short stay in Vancouver resulted in a very sick baby the next morning. I had nursed Drake right when he woke in the morning, and then immediately he started coughing. Coughing so hard he could hardly get a breath in. Coughing even harder now that he was choking on mucous. Then he puked. But this wasn’t normal baby spit-up, this was like one of those giant buckets full of water at a children’s spray park that has a timer, and once the timer goes off, it dumps the whole bucket on the ground below. SPLASH. Except it was vomit. And it was all down my body.

We had timed our morning perfectly so that we could maximize our sleep, but still make it to our airport shuttle with seconds to spare. But now I was drenched in undigested breastmilk (what a waste- good thing I adore this baby of mine) and I had to literally jump into the shower and wring my clothes out lol.

The cough worsened, eventually leading to Drake getting pink eye. (Related – I was talking to my friend whose an RN and she said that a bad, wet cough can totally cause pink eye, but they call it something else, which I forget) We made a stop to a walk-in clinic where they gave us ointment for his eyes. The ointment worked so fast and quickly his eyes were back to beautiful blues.

Drake was still SO friendly and smiley to everyone throughout the day, but at nighttime was when he got really plugged up with mucous and it was hard for him to sleep.

Firstly, we’re not used to sleeping with Drake in our room anyway…we’ve been separated since he was 4 weeks. All parties are happy about this. Secondly, we’ve never dealt with sick Drakie before. It was seriously heartbreaking hearing him cough so hard. He would cough & cry because his throat was so raw. Poor baby.

Despite the sickness, we had some good times. I walked outside tons with Drake in the stroller while Nathan played golf, we went shopping, spent time with Nathans uncle and his girlfriend, went swimming, etc. We absolutely made memories, and vowed to only get a one-bedroom style hotel room again haha. No more bachelor style rooms. How did my parents manage hotel rooms with 5 kids?? Might I add, we always only got 1 room lol. Superpowers.

Also- have you ever been to the Cabazon outlets near Palm Springs? They are AMAZING. We went on Cyber Monday and the deals were crazy. I got Drake some adorable clothing from Gymboree (which is usually so expensive) but the most expensive thing in the store was $12.99. Amazing. Anyway, if you ever go to Palm Springs, make time to go to the Cabazon outlets. You will not be disappointed. Like, they have a Lululemon outlet, need I say more?

Last year when we went to Palm Springs, we fell in love with Fish Tacos, and this time Nathan had fish tacos for dinner 3 days in a row haha. His favourite were fish tacos topped with mango salsa. Sounds like a recipe I need to try in the near future 😉

I was very worried about getting TO and FROM Palm Springs with Drake in tow, but he was incredible. Smiling at everyone on the flight & just so content with being held and having our immediate attention. He’s the best baby.

All in all, we’re happy to be home. I usually don’t say that after a quick vacay, but having a kid makes things so much different. For example, we went to bed at 9pm last night. Who are we? Haha. I love it.

If you ever head to Palm Springs, let me know. I have a list of yummy food recommendations for you!! Including delicious pizza and phenomenal burgers (or fish tacos).


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