Snapshot In Time

Photos have always been super important to me. I love to look back at past memories and feel like I can “relive” them through pictures.

My mom is so talented and crafty, and she put together 5-6 FULL handmade albums for me as I was growing up. Including pictures and details about past events. I cherish these like no other. They are amazing and priceless. Because of how many kids there are in my family, she stopped making my albums when I was 12 and then handed them over to me to complete if I wanted. I had added in quite a few pages, but was never as devoted as she was.

One year for Christmas, as part of my gift from my parents, my dad has put together a “Beaulne Vacations” picture album for each individual child. This must have taken forever seeing as there are 5 of us, lol. But I am SO grateful he took the time to do this! I was just flipping through the album a couple days ago and I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face as I reminisced….camping adventures, falling out of a hammock, hiking down mountains, Disneyland, cruising in the Caribbean, house boating, seeing all of my younger siblings as babies, so many fun things!!

That being said, I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of getting newborn pictures done for Drake. I’m not sure why. I think I just thought of the Gerber Babies and didn’t want Drake posed as a sunflower haha. Luckily, my good friend Amie convinced me otherwise, and I am so happy I did it – and no sunflowers were involved, yay!

These pictures are so perfect & just remind me of the tiny (but giant 9-pounder!!) baby Drake once was.

I highly recommend getting newborn pictures done.

Amie had mentioned to me that she thought I would love having a “sitter” session for Drake once he was sitting up steadily on his own. I was easier to convince this time around, I loved his previous pictures! We got him all dressed up into these adorable outfits, and then got him sitting and smiling and my HEART WAS EXPLODING.

Like I can’t handle the cuteness.

Honestly, this baby is killing me with how adorable he is.

Once again, I am SO happy I got these professional photos done.

Before I had a baby, I didn’t really understand why people would get photo shoots done of their children every year. But, I GET IT. Time is a thief & you want to capture every single moment before they grow up wayyyyyy too fast.

So, if you’re contemplating on whether or not to take those pictures. DO IT. You will never ever regret it.

I look at these photos I just posted above and can’t believe how fast 9 months flew. My baby is closer to being a toddler than a newborn. My heart aches with a sense of loss from the newborn stage. But, my heart also bursts with love over how much I ADORE this little boy & how I love watching him learn and grow.

Take the pictures. They don’t need to be perfect. Document the activities even if they seem small and insignificant. I can guarantee your children will thank you for them later.

Love always,


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