Hawaii – WE MADE IT!

The day has finally come…HAWAII!!!! We have been looking forward to this trip for so many months. I can’t believe we’re finally here.

Nathan’s mom, Jenn, is a very successful mortgage advisor for CIBC in Fort McMurray. She manages to help people buy homes even when the economy is weak and the mortgage qualifying rates are increasing. She is the definition of a hard working, independent, strong willed woman!! She’s not a force to be reckoned with; especially when it comes to her work. She’s passionate and so driven. Not surprisingly, her superiors are amazed with her success. This led to a great bonus gifted to her last year. Her first thought was, “I want to take the whole family on a vacation!”


Count me in!

We (and by we I meant Nate) started looking into the various Hawaiian Islands and the pros and cons to each. We happily settled on The Big Island, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Nathan was working nights leading up until the morning we left, and typically he is EXHAUSTED by the time he gets home in the morning. Although, yesterday morning, he came home, showered, hopped into bed & said, “hey…you up? I’m soooooooo excited I can’t sleep!!” Proceeded by an entire one sided conversation led by him while I’m trying to grasp at my last few minutes of shut eye before our wonderfully busy Drakie awakes for the day. Love my boys.

Drake had woken up at his usual 7am and I snuck in there and cracked the door open (thank you northern Alberta for being SO pitch black in the mornings) so that no light could creep in. I took him out of his crib & nursed him right away. Then quickly changed his bum, and laid him right back into his crib & snuck back out. (I NEVER DO THIS. This goes against everything I’ve ever learned in sleep training. Yolo!)

I waited for a cry…but only a little bit of chatter is what I heard.

I laid back into my bed & turned the monitor on high and set my alarm for 8:30 praying I’d get another hour of sleep.

8:30am came and I check the monitor. Sleeping baby. Ohhhhh yaaaaaa.

We got our last minute packing done and I actually had to wake Drake up at 9:15am because our ride (my beautiful mother) was coming to get us at 9:30am.

Fast forward to the flights.

Flight #1- YMM to YYC. Easy. Drake had a quick nap with Jenn on that flight, but he was a happy dude the entire time.

Flight #2- YYC to YVR. Easy. Drake was a little sad near the end of the flight, but it was only 1 hour, so we were all happy!

Flight #3- YVR TO KOA. THIS FLIGHT WAS SIX AND A HALF HOURS LONG. 6 1/2. We flew to Iceland last year from Edmonton & it was only 6 hours. ICELAND, PEOPLE. We had upgraded our seats to Premium while checking in at the desk in the morning and I am SO happy we did. It guaranteed an entire row to ourselves, and the leg room is incredible. Drake was wired for the first hour of the flight. He’d been up for 11 hours at this point, and had only had a quick 30 min rest. This is so abnormal for him. He was literally jumping up and down on my lap for 30 solid minutes on this flight. Thankfully, he was all smiles!! Eventually he started to fuss a bit, so I pulled him in tight, snuggled, and within seconds he was sleeping. He is a sweatbox when he sleeps, so I needed to figure something out for him, so we made a cute bed on the floor (with our amazing leg room – and empty middle seat) and laid him down. He opened his eyes, but quickly shut them and cuddled his bunny and fuzzy blanket right in. He’s the best baby. Seriously, I am going to have a hellion for a second child. I’m sure of it. Maybe we’ll just stick to one….haha.

Anyway, I am thankful for a relatively easy travel day, and for a very easy going and cooperative baby.

So ready to lay on the beach!!!

I’ll post lots of pictures – live vicariously through us. Believe me, I wish we could have brought you all!! Group vacations are the best.



ps. I can see the ocean while laying in bed. It’s a hard life 😉

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